Acupressure Workshop Retreat for Midwives, Doulas, and Childbirth Educators in Loreto, Baja California Sur
Nov 29 - Dec 3, 2015

Hello Fellow Midwives, Doulas, and Childbirth Educators,


Please come join us for the upcoming ACNM Approved Acupressure Workshop Retreat in beautiful Loreto, Baja California Sur from Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2015.


If you are a LM, CPM, CM, CNM, DONA, or CAPPA Doula you can apply this toward your CEUs and also take this as a tax write-off...


Loreto is situated right on the beautiful beaches of Baja California Sur about 350 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.


Map of Loreto:,+Baja+California+Sur,+Mexico/@24.2276356,-109.6206609,6z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x86b43b89530f87b1:0x178b5e606baccafe


Cost to attend the Workshop Retreat: $575

Early Bird Special Pricing by Aug 1, 2015: $499


Round Trip Direct Flights from Tijuana International Airport to Loreto, MX is around $250 (US)


If you are interested in taking advantage of the early bird special pricing but can't make the payment in full, you have the option of paying a $150 initial deposit to secure your spot and then make monthly payments until you are paid in full by Oct 1, 2015.


The Workshop Retreat includes 4 nights lodging and also the Acupressure Workshop on Labor Support and Postpartum Care, which is approved through ACNM for 6 Contact Hours


The Acupressure Workshop on Labor Support will cover the following:


Hands on practical locating Acupressure points on the body…


Learn Labor and Delivery Acupressure Comfort Measures that work for pain relief, anxiety, repositioning posterior babies, high station babies, re-establishing contractions, encouraging the cervix to dilate, failure to progress mothers, etc…


Learn Nick Olow's Acupressure Comfort Measures that has aided hundreds of birth professionals in their practice to help facilitate and promote a more efficient and less painful labor for their clients in order to promote a natural drug-free childbirth experience…




Cathy Morton (CPM)

"This was the most effective workshop! I walked away with the ability to immediately apply what I learned due to the great hands-on time. A day well spent!


Jennifer Hirsch (CNM)

"I just used your Acupressure point on a client of mine who had nausea and it worked immediately!!!"


Candace Barber (Birth Doula)

"I loved your workshop, Nicholas! I have used the techniques taught by you with every client and have had fantastic results! Everything from decreased anxiety, turning a posterior baby, to pain relief, and starting a labor that had stalled out. Awesome!!! The birth partners were so excited to learn the points too. It really made them feel like a vital component of the birth "team" by being able to provide the comfort and encouragement needed to have a completely natural birthing experience. I'm SO happy to have gained this knowledge to share with my clients!"


Prudence Leith (Birth Doula)

"Hi Nick I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop. I attended a birth yesterday and got to put those skills to use. Mom was having an intense labor (very fast and severe back pain) and it was determined that the baby was OP. I shared your notes with the midwife and she gave me the ok to do some Acupressure on my client. The midwife and nurse also joined in and did some pressure points on the hand and foot for pain management, which was pretty awesome. My client said it all seemed to help and within an hour the baby turned! It was great! Thank you Nick!"


Evidence-based research supports the use of Acupressure Comfort Measures to reduce the duration and severity of pain during active phase of labor, cesarean birth rates, and necessity and amount of pitcoin!


Journal of Maternal Fetal Medicine - 2009


Outcomes for the 60 women who received Acupressure:

Had a shorter active phase of labor

Severity of pain was less

41.7 percent of the women needed pitocin

The amount of pictocin was less

Cesarean delivery rate was only 10 percent (This is Amazing!!!)


Outcomes for the 60 women who didn't received Acupressure:

Had longer active phase of labor

Severity of pain was more

63.3 percent needed pitocin

Cesarean delivery rate was 41.7 percent, which is way too high!!!


Learn Postpartum Acupressure Comfort Measures for the following:


Afterpains during breastfeeding

Breast Discomfort and pain

Perineal discomfort


Hip Pain / Upper and Lower Back Pain / Sciatica / Sacral Pain / Coccyx Pain

Mood Swings – baby blues and mild postpartum depression

Impaired Milk Flow and Insufficient Lactation.

Incisional Discomfort and other postpartum-related concerns...


Bonus Information

Learn Antenatal Acupressure points that work for nausea, vomiting, back pain, sciatica, hemorrhoids, and other pregnancy related concerns...


Special guest speaker Rosemary Mason will be at the workshop retreat!


Rosemary Mason, CCE, PCD(DONA), CLC


She will be offering two free workshops…


Working with Clients with OCD or Anxiety Disorders (3 DONA CEU's)


The Postpartum (2 DONA CEU’s)

At the end of the postpartum family workshop, the learner will be able to:

1. Understand the changes in the postpartum body.

2. List five ways dads/partners can bond with their baby.

3. List five ways family members can help to support the new family.

4. Explain how newborns change existing roles.

5. Explore one scenario, and the positive resolutions and outcomes.


At the workshop retreat you will be staying in a beautiful custom-built home with your own bedroom in a gated community within walking distance to the pristine beaches of Loreto Bay.


All the homes come with a full-kitchen and there are supermarkets nearby…


If you want to save some money and don’t mind sharing a bedroom with another Birth Professional then you can deduct an additional $100 off for the entire cost of the workshop retreat.


The homes are situated next to the majestic Sierra de la Giganta mountains and a beautiful 18-Hole Championship golf course.


Things to do while you are in Loreto:

World-Class Kayaking, Snorkeling, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Golfing, Dining, and Star Gazing…


Videos of Loreto, Baja California Sur:


Sample pic of the Resort (Every Home at this Resort Vary in Style and Furnishings)


Check in: Sun – Nov 29, 2015

Check out: Thurs – Dec 3, 2015


The resort is only about a 10 min cab ride from the Airport to the resort or into town of Loreto so no need to get a rental car.


If you are interested in attending the Acupressure Workshop Retreat in Loreto, Baja California Sur, please contact Nick Olow directly at (619) 405-5282 or via email at at your earliest convenience.


Workshop Retreat will be limited to 12 attendees so please don't delay...


This is going to be an amazing Workshop Retreat!!!


Look forward to seeing you there...


Cancellation Policy:


If for any reason you cancel your workshop retreat reservations before Oct 1, 2015, there will be a 25 percent cancellation fee based on the price you paid for the workshop retreat.


If you cancel your workshop retreat reservations on or after Oct 1, 2015, a 100 percent cancellation fee will be charged.