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Hello Fellow Birth Professionals,


If you are interested in learning how to integrate Acupressure into your practice as a safe and effective way to facilitate a more efficient and less painful labor for your clients and also minimize their postpartum-related concerns, then you don't want to miss my upcoming ACNM Approved Acupressure Workshops for Birth Professionals in the following cities.


Portland, OR - July 25, 2015

Loreto, Baja California Sur - Nov 30, 2015




The Acupressure Workshop is ACNM Approved for 6 Contact Hours.


 If you are LM, CPM, CM, CNM, CAPPA or DONA Doula you can apply this toward your CEUs...


 Cost: $299

 Cost for Homebirth Midwives: $249

 Cost for Student Midwives and Doula: $199


If you register with another birth professional you will both receive an additional $25 discount!


Topics Covered:


 Hands on practical locating Acupressure points on the body…


Learn Labor and Delivery Acupressure Comfort Measures that work great for pain relief, anxiety, repositioning posterior babies, high station babies, re-establishing contractions, encouraging the cervix to dilate, failure to progress mothers, etc…


Learn Acupressure Comfort Measures that has aided hundreds of Birth Professionals in their practice to help facilitate and promote a more efficient and less painful labor for their clients in order to promote a natural childbirth experience…


Participants will role-play different individual scenarios by reading and  responding to

written materials, working in small groups, and participating in discussions in order to

enhance their learning experience.


The workshop is designed to encourage closer partner involvement by

instructing you how to teach the birth partner to safely and correctly administer

Acupressure Comfort Measures during pregnancy and labor.


 Bonus Information

 Learn Antenatal Acupressure points that work for nausea, vomiting, hemorrhoids, and other pregnancy related complaints...


 Evidence-based research supports the use of Acupressure to facilitate a

more efficient and less painful labor!


 Journal of Midwifery Health - 2012

 Conclusion of Research: LI4 acupressure point was effective at decreasing pain and

duration of labor. The participants were satisfied, and no adverse effects were noted.


 Journal of Maternal Fetal Medicine - 2009

 Conclusion of Research: Acupressure point SP6 reduced the duration and severity of pain

of the active phase of labor, cesarean section rates, and necessity and amount of oxytocin.




Cathy Morton - CPM in Oklahoma

 "This was the most effective workshop! I walked away with the ability to immediately apply what I learned due to the great hands-on time. A day well spent!


 Jennifer Hirsch (CNM)

 "I just used your Acupressure point on a client of mine who had nausea and it worked immediately!!!"


 Kym Benner (Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator with 20+ years experience)

 "Nick Olow's Acupressure Workshop is awesome, informative and very useful! If you haven't taken his Acupressure workshop or have been thinking about it!"


 Candace Barber - Birth Doula

 "I loved your workshop, Nicholas! I have used the techniques taught by you with every client and have had fantastic results! Everything from decreased anxiety, turning a posterior baby, to pain relief, and starting a labor that had stalled out. Awesome!!! The birth partners were so excited to learn the points too. It really made them feel like a vital component of the birth "team" by being able to provide the comfort and encouragement needed to have a completely natural birthing experience. I'm SO happy to have gained this knowledge to share with my clients!"


 Diana Kay, CCE,CD/PCD (DONA)

“Taking Nick Olow’s Acupressure Workshop Class has been an incredible adjunct in my Doula Practice in assisting my client’s with labor support! The Acupressure points are easy to learn and would highly recommend taking Nick Olow’s Acupressure Workshop!"


 Prudence Leith - Birth Doula

“Hi Nick I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop. I attended a birth yesterday and got to put those skills to use. Mom was having an intense labor (very fast and severe back pain) and it was determined that the baby was OP. I shared your notes with the midwife and she gave me the ok to do some Acupressure on my client. The midwife and nurse also joined in and did some pressure points on the hand and foot for pain management, which was pretty awesome. My client said it all seemed to help and within an hour the baby turned! It was great! Thank you Nick!"


 Learn Postpartum Acupressure points for the following:


 Afterpains during breastfeeding

 Breast Discomfort and pain

 Perineal discomfort


 Hip Pain / Low Back Pain / Sciatica / Sacral Pain / Coccyx Pain

 Mood Swings – Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

 Impaired Milk Flow / Insufficient Lactation.

 Incisional Discomfort and other postpartum-related complaints


 Cancellation Policy:

 If you are at a birth on the day of the workshop you will bee entitled to a full-refund.


If you are interested in attending and would like to register for the workshop,

feel free to contact me directly at 619-405-5282

or via email at


Look forward to seeing you there!


Best Regards,


Nicholas Olow, BA, M.S., L.Ac.

 Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

 DONA and ACNM Approved CEU Provider

 Specializing in Pregnancy Care, Labor Support, Postpartum Care, and Pain Management

 AcuMassage Therapy Center

 4417 30th Street, Suite 111

 San Diego, CA 92116


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 Nicholas Olow is a board certified and licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist with over 10 years clinical experience specializing in prenatal, perinatal, postpartum Acupuncture care, nutritional counseling, and pain management.


 He is actively involved in the birthing community across the United States and routinely holds Acupressure Workshops for Midwives, Labor and Delivery RN’s, Doulas, and Birth Partners teaching them Acupressure on Pregnancy Care, Labor Support, and Postpartum Care as a safe and effective way to provide "comfort measures" for their client’s and loved ones.


 He is a DONA International and American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM)

Approved CEU Provider.


 His passion is in research and routinely does evidence-based presentations at local hospitals and Birth Centers in San Diego on women’s healthcare and pain management.


 He currently has a successful private practice in San Diego, California working with other health professionals providing an integrative approach for women’s healthcare











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